Dagmar Friedrich

is an artist who has been involved in the mosaic field since she fell in love with this art and decided to attend the world known “Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli” in Spilimbergo, Northern Italy.   

Dagmar describes herself as always looking for new elements, materials and innovation:

“I have always been attracted by the challenge of new and different ways of creating surfaces and I’m tirelessly experimenting with shapes and materials, mixing visual feelings to a tactile experience”.  

Dagmar’s creations are a skillful blend of humbleness with preciousness, roughness and smoothness, luster and opacity obtained by endlessly rethinking nature’s aesthetics and aiming at the sublimation of everyday life.

The use of colours and materials is the focus of the mosaic art: pebbles mixed with a huge variety of natural elements along with an infinite palette of Venetian smalti bring incredible pieces of art to life.   

Dagmar’s Atelier offers a variety of creations ranging from small but unique pieces to large works of art which are perfect to decorate any kind of environment through the use of all sorts of materials such as marble, stone, glass smalti and gold tesserae.